Protecting Abortion Access in the South


CHOICES in Tennessee established a midwifery fellowship for Black midwives to increase their skills and expertise in full-spectrum reproductive and sexual health care.

Looking ahead, CHOICES tell us that ​​“the biggest threat to our’ work in 2022 will be the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health SCOTUS decision. The Supreme Court is not expected to protect Roe, and Tennessee will most likely lose access to abortion this year.

Given that abortion services comprise the majority of CHOICES’ patient care and service revenue, the organization will need to pivot in order to continue serving patients and remaining operational and financially stable.

“CHOICES has a plan to not only protect abortion access for patients in the South, but to expand access in areas where services are currently limited. The opportunity to continue to serve patients for all essential reproductive and sexual health services, including abortion care, remains paramount. CHOICES will engage supporters and movement partners in order to fund our work and to ensure patients’ access to care in spite of all probable legal barriers.”