Take Action

Three things you can do now

You can do three things today to get us closer to collective liberation tomorrow:

  1. Explore the findings.
    Download the Executive Summary and 2021 Policy Work Table and review this website.
  2. Share this information with others.
    Once you’ve had a chance to explore the report, please share it with others. Lift up the stories that activists share about reproductive justice and the experiences that inform their perspectives.
  3. Invest in the RJ Movement like you want us to win.
    Fund what it takes to mobilize “people power” and to build relationships and trust within communities.   


Donate Today

The way to freedom for all people is to follow – and fund – those who know the way.
Thank you for investing in the Reproductive and Birth Justice Movements.


Texas abortion funds stepped into their power and collective organizing and strategizing, incredible coordination of multi-state service delivery, digital campaigns, and efforts to better prepare other states who might states who might soon face similar challenges. National Network of Abortion Funds


We invite you to download the Executive Summary, a table of policy work completed in 2021 and to visit Groundswell Fund's website to learn more.

We also encourage you to learn more about Groundswell Fund’s reproductive justice funding partners.

Learn more about the roots of the Reproductive Justice Movement with SisterSong.

Learn about the roots of the Birth Justice Movement with Southern Birth Justice

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