Investing in Collaboration and Collective Power

Bold Futures New Mexico focused on the harmful realities the Hyde Amendment poses for Indigenous people in New Mexico and began to invest more deeply in collaborations that reflect their reproductive justice values. For the first time ever, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a federal spending bill without Hyde in 2021, a historic moment in the movement for abortion access.

“We lean into the collective power we have built alongside our communities and partners. We have thoughtfully engaged with queer communities around the intersection between Roe v. Wade and LGBTQIA+ rights and we are collaborating with others to support an Indian Family Protection Act during the 2022 legislative session.” Bold Futures has developed new partnerships with organizations like the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANM).

These collaborations, in addition to their continuing work, are critical to sustaining a small organization led by and for women and people of color. What the last two years has taught the team at Bold Futures is that they must rely on collective strengths to overcome struggles. “Only together can we effectively make the changes our communities deserve.”